Hi , I'm Ruby and I am the owner of "Ruby's Bloom". I sell plants online and offer shipping and delivering services throughout South Africa.

I am 18 years old, which means I matriculated last year in 2021. I decided to take a gap year after High School, because I didn't know what i wanted to pursue at that time. After a few months into the new year I realised that I wanted to do something with my free time and so I started to work with the plants on my Father's nursery Fiddlestiks ( 927, Hillside Road, Port Edward, South Africa) .The more that I worked with the plants, the more I realised the potential that they held. I wanted to give more people the opportunity to access what Fiddlestiks has to offer, and so with the business studies knowledge that I had, I opened the online store.

I've always been passionate about the environment as well as business management, and how could I live in a digital world and not be passionate about online marketing?

My dream is that Ruby's Bloom can become a profiting business, who contributes positively to the South African society. I hope to be able to find ways to be more environmentally friendly in packaging the plants, I hope to be able to expand to natural health and wellness products too one day.

I hope that this little blog post gave an eye into who and what Ruby's Bloom is about and the plans for the future too!

keep blooming,


A lovely Vanda Orchid growing in our garden, now selling cuttings for this flower on the website!

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